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About Us

About PTP

Poker Table Palace is owned and operated by a husband and wife team who were destined to become poker entrepreneurs.

About Dannette

Growing up in a poker playing family, Dannette began playing ante poker games at just five years old. Every week her dad would give her an allowance in pennies, and they would play until he had every cent back. She learned a lot in her early years of playing - most importantly persistence and good sportsmanship.

In her adult years Dannette developed a renewed interest in poker, and specifically in Texas Hold”em, after a traumatic brain injury left her debilitated with cognitive and physical issues. Dannette began playing free Hold”em online as a way to stimulate her brain. From there, she eventually joined a regular Friday night home game where she played with the same crew of friends (and rivals) for over ten years.

Fully recovered now from the brain trauma, Dannette credits poker as an essential tool that helped repair her brain and regain her quality of life. The skills learned in poker, and the resilience learned through recovery, empower Dannette daily as a successful business owner and entrepreneur.

About Michael

Michael too grew up in a card playing family. While poker wasn’t always the game of choice, whatever the game, he found tremendous joy sitting around the table with family playing games of strategy that challenged and stimulated him.

From the family table to the Persian Gulf, Micheal’s love of cards followed him into the Army and into war. When not engaged in military operations, Michael and his Platoon would spend hours playing cards and betting with high value commodities like cookies and tabasco sauce.

Ever the analytical, after war and with a degree in finance, Michael went on to manage a portfolio of internet startups at a prestigious venture bank. His work with these startup companies stimulated his access and curiosity to technology.

From banking he went on to work at fortune 100 companies in technology based roles until eventually he answered the calling to become his own boss and open his own company.

In partnership with his wife - Poker Table Palace was born.

Poker Strategy = Business Strategy

To be successful in poker you need to learn to make informed decisions; research, study, question, and discern before you act to maximize the gain and minimize the risk.

This is exactly the approach we take at PTP to determine the premium tables we sell and the state-of-the-art manufacturers we partner with.

We spend the time researching the best tables and suppliers - asking questions, learning all of the variables - so you don’t have to.

Follow Your Calling - Do What You Love

Making the leap to become entrepreneurs is a decision Michael and Dannette will never regret. It affords them the lifestyle they desire, which includes playing poker regularly.

And which most of all includes the joy of daily operations at PTP; getting to know customers and matching them with premium suppliers to ensure the best possible transactions and customer satisfaction.


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